The original Comix Cursors sources README

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Refer to the ‘INSTALL’ file for requirements and detailed instructions to build and install.

Refer to the ‘COPYING’ file for copyright statement and grant of license.


  • nVIDIA graphics cards:

If you experience the cursor shadow looking strange, e.g. with the i christmas theme, or the whole cursor appear gray when it's supposed to be white, disable hardware cursor rendering.

In the xorg.conf file in the device section insert the HWCursor line below::

  Section "Device"
  Driver "nvidia"
  Option "HWCursor" "off"
  • If you are using KDE version prior to 4.0 you might experience that KDE's control center Mouse Theme Installation does not support symlinks in the packed archives (tar). Consider updating KDE.

  • Gnome supports multiple cursor sizes in one cursor theme, but only distinct sizes: 16, 24, 32, and 48 pixels.

There is no known Gnome 3 application for setting the size of the mouse cursor. You need to set the desired size in pixels as the value of the DConf setting ‘org.gnome.desktop.interface.cursor-size’. You can use ‘dconf-editor’ (from the ‘dconf-tools’ package) or ‘gsettings’ to change DConf settings.

  • If you are missing some cursors issue "# export XCURSOR_DISCOVER=1" and re-start the application to find the corresponding cursor hash. Report it to us or link it yourself in the ~/.icons directory.


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