This version of at-spi is a major break from version 1.x.
It has been completely rewritten to use D-Bus rather than
ORBIT / CORBA for its transport protocol.

A page including instructions for testing, project status and
TODO items is kept up to date at:

The mailing list used for general questions is:

For bug reports, feature requests, patches or enhancements please use
the AT-SPI project on Use the at-spi2-atk component for
bugs specific to this module.

A git repository with the latest development code is available at:


Code in this repository depends on at-spi2-core resources. The
at-spi2-core repository can be found at:


More information

The project was started with a D-Bus performance review
the results of which are available on the GNOME wiki. Keep in
mind that the D-Bus AT-SPI design documents on this page
have not been kept up to date.

Other sources of relevant information about AT-SPI and Accessibility

Contents of this package

This package includes libatk-bridge, a library that bridges ATK to the new
D-Bus based AT-SPI, as well as a corresponding module for gtk+ 2.x. Gtk+ 3.x
now links against libatk-bridge directly rather than requiring it to be loaded
as a module.

These libraries depend on the at-spi2-core code that contains the daemon for
registering applications, D-Bus helper libraries and the AT-SPI D-Bus specifications.

Directory structure

The directories within this package are arranged as follows:


Contains a framework for registering objects
with a D-Bus connection and for routing messages to
the implementing object.

Used by the ATK adaptor.


This directory contains code that bridges
the at-spi to the GTK+ toolkit, and which is
loaded at runtime by GTK+-based Gnome applications.
The 'bridge' automatically registers GTK+-2.0
applications with the accessibility registry,
and relays UI events from application to registry.
It is also responsible for servicing requests from
the registry to register handlers for specific event