This version of at-spi is a major break from version 1.x.
It has been completely rewritten to use D-Bus rather than
ORBIT / CORBA for its transport protocol.

A page including instructions for testing, project status and
TODO items is kept up to date at:

The mailing list used for general questions is:

For bug reports, feature requests, patches or enhancements please use
the AT-SPI project on Use the at-spi2-core component for
bugs specific to this module.

A git repository with the latest development code is available at:


More information

The project was started with a D-Bus performance review
the results of which are available on the GNOME wiki. Keep in
mind that the D-Bus AT-SPI design documents on this page
have not been kept up to date.

Other sources of relevant information about AT-SPI and Accessibility

Contents of this package

This package includes the protocol definitions for the new D-Bus

Also included is the daemon necessary for forwarding device events
and registering accessible applicaitions.

Directory structure

The directories within this package are arranged as follows:


This directory contains XML documents describing
the D-Bus protocol in the format used for D-Bus introspection.


The D-Bus specification in an idl-like format. This is likely not
parseable by any existing tools, is not entirely up-to-date, and may
by removed in a future release.


The registry daemon code. The registry daemon
keeps a register of accessible applications and presents
this to clients (ATs).
It is also responsible for delivering device events.


Library to ease making D-Bus method calls, contains
marshalling code to convert function arguments
and a provided D-Bus signature into a D-Bus message.

Used by libatspi.


C library for use by ATs. Wraps the various D-Bus calls, provides
an interface for listening to events, and caches some information about
accessible objects. Also contains some functions used by at-spi2-atk.


A server that sits on the session bus and provides an interface
allowing applications to find the accessibility bus daemon, launching
it as needed. The accessibility bus is separate from the session bus
because it may in fact span user sessions if a user, for instance,
runs an application that escalates to run as root. The accessibility
bus is thus tied to the X session rather than the D-Bus session.


Contains infrastructure for creating libatspi documentation.


Contains files that may be useful for testing AT-SPI.


Some macros used for building the module.


Infrastructure used for translation.