This directory contains the ATK library.

For more information about ATK and accessibility in GNOME, see:


ATK requires GLib-2.0.0 or better. Information about GLib
is available from


To configure ATK, run the ./configure script, then 'make'; and
'make install'. If you are installing into a location where you don't have
write permission, you'll have to become root before running
'make install'.

General information about building ATK and related libraries can
be found at:

To compile a CVS version of atk on your system, you will need to take
several steps to setup the tree for compilation. You can do all these
steps at once by running:

cvsroot/atk# ./

Basically this does the following for you:

cvsroot/atk# aclocal; automake; autoconf

The above commands create the "configure" script. Now you
can run the configure script in cvsroot/atk to create all
the Makefiles.

Before running or configure, make sure you have libtool
in your path.

Note that runs configure for you. If you wish to pass
options like --prefix=/usr to configure you can give those options
to and they will be passed on to configure.

How to report bugs

Bugs should be reported to the GNOME bug tracking system.
(, product atk.) You will need to create an
account for yourself.

You can also mail the mailing list